If you don't know what Markdown is, prepare to fall in love. We all know the toolbars seen in any rich text editor. Click this to make bold; click that to start a list.

Every time you take your hands off your keyboard, you lose time. The most precious thing you have.

But imagine formatting the text while you're typing; wouldn't that be amazing? So much faster and easy. This is what Markdown is.

And here comes the best part - it's dead easy, and you'll grasp the idea in no time. Just start typing and see the magic happen.

But if you prefer the toolbar instead, we got you covered. Simply hit /, and you'll get a list you can select from to add your desired note element.

Markdown cheat-sheet

To give you an idea of how it works, here's a short cheat sheet on formatting the text while typing.

# Top level heading
## Second level heading
### Third level heading

1. Ordered list
2. Another item will be picked-up automatically

- Unordered list
- Another item will be picked-up automatically

[ ] To do item
[x] This one's done

[This is a link](

This is **all you need to know to write bold** or *italics*.

It even supports `code`

> And blockquotes

Get your notes a safe home they deserve

Enough of theory, proceed to practice!